FY series

Our highest level line, with aseptic technology and microPURA™ Ultra-Sterile™ dosing system

High speed fully automatic combined motion machines, to dose pharmaceutical powders with low granulometry (standard μ5 ÷ μ200) into vials.

Continuous motion vials infeed, intermittent motion during dosage and continuous motion at machine outfeed.

VACUUM / PRESSURE dosing system with needles (microPURA™ Ultra-Sterile™ system), without powder compression. No friction between dosing components, no generation of particles.

The powder slug is made with suction from above thus improving efficiency, reducing possible clogging of filtering nets then allowing higher dosages keeping the same speed.

The powder is ejected from needles to the vial with slight pressure avoiding powder spillage then reducing frequency of cleaning and obtaining a higher accuracy.


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Output – single dose (vials/hr)6.00012.00018.000
Vials dimensions diam.8 mm – 60 mm8 mm – 28 mm8 mm – 23 mm
Vials dimensions h40 mm – 160 mm40 mm – 160 mm40 mm – 160 mm
Minimum dose (Min. dosages can change according to the powder specific weight)0,02 cc0,02 cc 0,02 cc
Maximun dose (Max. dosages can change according to the powder specific weight)7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage)7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage) 7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage)
Power consumption8 Kw8 Kw8 Kw
Compressed air consumption100 Nl/min100 Nl/min100 Nl/min
Compressed air pressure in bar666
Vacuum pump100m3/h
Net weight (kg)110011001200
Gross weight (kg)140014001500