FV series

Micro-dosing machine for high aseptic environments equipped with vacuum/pressure dosing system with rotating dosing disk.

High speed fully automatic machines, to dose pharmaceutical powders with low granulometry (standard μ5 ÷ μ200) into vials.

1. No powder spillage within machine area, thanks to tighter connection between dosing parts and vials.
2. Possibility to fit two dosing groups instead of one to dose two kinds of powders.
3. Better chance of adjusting the dosage by acting on time and pressure, thus improving accuracy.
4. Dosing group is highly protected, fewer points where the dust can collect.

Operation of the dosing disc

DOSAGE GROUP with intermittent motion, with volumetric VACUUM/PRESSURE dosage system with rotating disk, in order to carry out an unlimited number of dosages into the same vial.

Each set of dosage is composed of one VACUUM/PRESSURE dosing disk with related dosing chambers, equipped with pistons.
Intermittent motion in capping area.


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Technical dataFV100TFV200TFV300T
Output – single dose (vials/hr)6.00012.00018.000
Vial dimensions diam. 16 mm – 53 mm16 mm – 32 mm14 mm – 46 mm
Vial dimensions h 40 mm – 110 mm2,5 times the diameter35 mm – 140 mm
Minimum dose (Min. dosages can change according to the powder specific weight)0,2 cc0,2 cc0,2 cc
Maximun dose.
(The maximum volume is theoretically unlimited since it depends on dosages number, vial internal diameter and powder specific weight)
7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage)7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage)7,5 cc (1,5 g. with single dosage)
Power consumption7 kw7 kw7 kw
Compressed air consumption50 Nl/min50 Nl/min50 Nl/min
Vacuum pump100m3/h
Compressed air pressure in bar
Net weight (kg)110012001300
Gross weight (kg)140015001600